Scaling spend 5x & increasing ROAS 35%

Muscari is a fashion brand in Spain established in 2008, with three physical stores in Madrid and an online store.  Muscari has a passion of manifacturing high quality clothing for women which are not only affordable but also have simple designs full of indetity, allowing their clients to feel special and unique with each of their products.

Since starting our engagement with Muscari we’ve exceeded their marketing growth goals by 3.5x’ing their revenue, expanding their advertising channels and optimizing their digital acquisition strategy.  Overall customer acquisition costs have decreased by 21%, return on ad spend increased by 36% while ad spend has 5x’d.

“Working with STRAT has been one of the best decisions we’ ve made. They work as an extension of our own team, being extremely responsive and proactive like no other agency. Thanks to them we have achieved impressive results. They have been a determining factor in the growth of Muscari.”

Teresa Castro

CEO at Muscari

Channel Exploration

Utilizing everything that Pinterest Ads offers, we launched a number of campaigns targeting new customers at every stage of their journey.  With active daily monitoring and optimizations we were able to reach and convert customers at every stage while continuously increasing the return on ad spend.

Performance Achieved


Improved ROAS


Lower CPA


Scaled FB Ad Spend


Revenue Growth

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