Paid and automation drive 87% sales growth

Farmacia Avenida de América is a specialized marketplace renowned for offering a wide array of top-tier skincare products. Originating as a conventional brick-and-mortar store, they astutely recognized the immense potential of establishing an online retail presence and created their own online store with +50 brands and more than 300 products.

A year after their launch, they were in search of a strong marketing partner, and in Strat, they discovered the ideal match to further develop their marketing stratgies.

We intricately designed an all-encompassing multichannel full-funnel approach, leveraging the potential of social and Google ads for customer acquisition, while reinforcing our efforts with seamless email automation as a retention strategy.

“Working with Strat has transformed our online presence and has boosted our digital sales. Strat’s team is professional and responsive, while they proved their expertise on a daily-basis. We look forward to continue working with them for many years, ensuring the growth of Farmacia Avenida de América.”

Belén Acero Jiménez

Founder of Farmacia Avenida de América

Social Ads

Facebook Ads is a valuable channel, but it operates within a highly competitive environment, particularly when it comes to promoting skincare products.

To expand our reach and maximize our advertising budget, our team consistently conducted A/B tests on various campaign structures, audience segments, interest pairings, creative concepts, and ad formats. This approach empowered Facebook’s algorithms to optimize for the most effective variations and

Google Ads

Google Ads provides a distinctive capability for reaching users actively seeking specific products, a crucial element within our strategy.

By analyzing our proprietary data, we pinpointed the top-performing products with substantial demand and concentrated our efforts on attracting a maximum number of potential customers interested in purchasing those items.

Performance Achieved


Improved AOV


Scaled Ad Spend


Lift in Ads Revenue


Lower CPA

Email Automation

With an expanding newsletter and customer email subscriber base, every email holds the potential to generate fresh sales. Our efforts were concentrated on enlarging Farmacia Avenida de América’s list size, using pop-ups to reach out to consumers, and crafting a Welcome Series, Checkout Abandonment, a Post-Purchase flow and various Replenishment Reminders that, within the first year, contributed to 38,1% of the total revenue.

Performance Achieved


ROI from Automation


List Size Increase


Of total revenue
from automation


Consistent Open Rates

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