Social ads increases ads revenue 246%

Alhamas launched their brand on 2021, they produce and sell high quality espadrilles for women, staying true to their core values of craftsmanship, sustainabilty and quality. Every shoe is sewed stitch by stitch by hand in Cervera del Río Alhama, where their artisans follow the same techniques used by their ancestors for decades.

As a newly created brand with an excellent team and product, we used the combined power of email automation and social ads to help Alhamas extend their brand reach, acquire new buyers, and better retain existing customers.

“STRAT has been a key partner for the launch of Alhamas. Always willing to try new levers that increase performance. They are quick to implement the strategy and analyse results in order to keep scaling. We have now the joint challenge to take Alhamas even further.”

Aurora Gil

Marketing and Ecommerce
Director at Alhamas

Social Advertising

Facebook and Instagram’s ads effectiveness at audience targeting attracts many advertisers, all seeking to capture people’s attention and clicks, thus making a very competitive and increasingly expensive platform to advertise on. However, with the right strategy, methodology, audience targeting, messaging and creative, many brands have been able to scale successfully.

This is the case with Alhamas, after 2 years, we’ve scaled their yearly ad spend by 86% while increasing ROAS  by 32% and decreasing customer acquisition costs by 17%, thus improving by 246% the revenue generated by ads.

Channel Exploration

Channel exploration and testing is a critical component of growing a business online. Although not as popular as Facebook & Instagram Ads,  Pintrest Ads presented a unique opportunity to reach untapped audiences at lower costs compared to Facebook & Instagram.

As soon as Pinterest opened up its advertising platform, we jumped at the opportunity to not only help create brand awareness and generate traffic among their target customers, but also acquire new customers profitably.

Performance Achieved


Improved ROAS


Lower CPA


Scaled Ad Spend


YoY Improvement in
Ad Revenue

Email Automation

In order to grow Alhamas email list and create a consistent email revenue flow, we worked to create an email program that engages with subscribers through timely automation emails. To grow the list, we implemented pop ups to acquire emails at the top of the funnel.

To generate consistent revenue, we created automated email flows based on subscriber behavior: Welcome Series, Checkout Abandonement and Post Purchase. Our cross-channel tactics work in tandem to increase Alhamas recurring orders by targeting users throughout their journey.

Performance Achieved


Revenue Attributed to Automation


List Size Increase


Consistent Open Rates


YoY Improvement in Revenue
from Automation

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